BAU Innovation and Consultancy Inc. | ABOUT US
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Since 2007, our team has been working as a full-time R & D unit of Bahçeşehir University. As of August 2016, BAU Innovation & Consultancy Inc. work as a spin-off company under the name of (BAUMIND).

Our priority areas of interest and expertise are applications for optical, electro-optical communication, acoustics, vibration, monitoring and detection. We offer consulting and training services in these areas.




Vision & Mission

Follows new technologies

Turkey’s military and civilian areas in line with technological needs and strategic objectives; to be a leader company that produces knowledge, technology and innovative solutions primarily in the field of electro-optics and acoustics and has the competence to compete in domestic as well as abroad

Turkey’s to foreign countries in technological fields, such as to contribute in reducing the commitment to produce innovative solutions in electro-optical and acoustic field, establishing universities and other engineering firms with strategic partnerships, including advanced technology applications, R & D and execute product development activities

Licensing of innovative projects and products suitable for military and civilian use in relevant sectors / transferring technology, in addition to providing consultancy-training services to institutions and firms in the sector in our areas of expertise.