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Secure Optical Communicatıon Binocular

The system provides a means of optical voice communication among the users and also fulfills a standard binocular features.


  • Optical voice communication
  • Full duplex communication
  • No disturbance of communication by RF & acoustic means
  • 3000 Yd. (2.7 km) communication range
  • Wearable and portable design
  • User friendly application and easy to use
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Integrated with mike & headphones
  • Selectable operational types as per requirements
  • Available for tripod use
  • User manuals

Operational Usage Areas

Civil Purposes

  • Hunters, explorers, observes etc.
  • Can be used in all outdoor activities
  • Can be used in fixed platforms with tripod

Military Purposes

  • Covert Operations communication
  • Special Forces communication
  • Close range operations

Performance Calculations

  • Operational in clear weather (also in rain)
  • Continuous 12 hours of endurance for voice transmissions