BAU Innovation and Consultancy Inc. | Underwater Optical Spectrum Measuring Device
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Underwater Optical Spectrum Measuring Device

Underwater Optical Spectrum Measuring Device

Project aims to measure the optical transmittance of the water, by utilizing wavelength properties of the water source (e.g. sea, lake). Possible scenarios to use obtained data:

  • Investigation of hydrocarbon distribution
  • Investigation of algal capacity (bioactivity)
  • Investigation of the plankton capacity
  • Examination of soil particles in water for erosion
  • Methane examination (bio-activity, examination of fault lines)
  • Examination of water quality
  • Precise examination of salinity based on salt type
  • Acquiring optical transmittance maps of the Turkish seas

The system performs measurement using spectrophotometer via irradiation of the rays coming out of the filament light through the water reservoir filled by the water to be examined. The data obtained from the measurement will be recorded in the memory and can be monitored from the outside in real time via the communication unit interface. The system will be designed for water depth between 0-1500 m, wavelength of 200-1100 nm with 2 nm resolution.